“There is a raging inferno of lust I have for life. I dream of it courting me into a palatial château under the Tuscan sun where wine flows like a river bed. An endless stream of intoxicating fun, where in the starlit night we run nude with our wild inhibitions, and leave behind the world of technological progress in the wind. And glow with ambitious spirituality with only our bodies. Life, take me to the narrow city corners of mom and pop shops where I strain to speak another language, so I explore a world outside my own. Give me the taste of open markets with lively vendors and friendly smiles. I want to bury my feet in the sands of tropic shores as locals and travelers mingle to traditional music. A yearning flame growing in my belly cries for human connection beyond the prison of cyber space. I want to feel life kissing every inch of my scar filled frame as joy chills through me during an impromptu slow dance at a Greek gathering. Loud sounds of howling laughter that clinch the guts and smells that remind me what life is really all about: love. Life, give me love in all the ways my senses crave.”

– VivianwithanA

“Feeling sexy and performing sexy are two very different things. One does not require approval from an audience to be sensual. Often I feel women think to be valued as people it means playing the role of an experienced temptress or a coquettish virgin. Both are extremes of social constructions - rules written by men to control them, but neither allows women to explore their humanity without being defined by negative connotations. Being liberated as a sexual being doesn’t mean behaving like a “man.” Men have long since deprived themselves of nurturing relationships for imaginary fears. You, who has chosen to live life as a woman, do not have to look or act a certain way for anybody to prove you are comfortable in your own skin. Your body is for no one but you. Once you realize this you will be free.”

– VivianwithanA

“You’re not to be so blind with patriotism that you can’t face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it.”

– Malcolm X, By Any Means Necessary   (via thepeacefulterrorist)








She wears short skirts I wear t-shirts and we’re both getting sent home from school because its distracting to boys apparently

okay this one made me laugh

I love this


Chris Evans in What’s Your Number (2011)

“nothing will ruin your 20s more than thinking you should have your life together already.”

– I need to write this on every wall of my room. (via thisyearsgirls)